Friday, June 1, 2012

GIS and the Faneuil Brook Subwatershed

Hi, my name is Evan and I am one of the interns at CRWA this summer.  I am currently working with GIS (Geographic Information System), focusing on land use of the lower basin of the Charles River watershed.  I have been focusing mainly on the Faneuil Brook subwatershed in order to determine the types of land use, such as commercial, high density residential, forest, and golf course.  All of these areas are segregated in a map which has been analyzed with information, such as the area and the percentage of the area to the total watershed area.

Outside of the office, I investigated the subwatershed for pollution and sediment deposits that could end up in the Charles River.  A growing concern in the river is a sandbar that is forming and growing near an outfall from Faneuil Brook.  I went into the field yesterday in order to attempt to establish any major sources of pollution or sediment deposits.  Driving down the streets, I took pictures of sites that may be improved or be a source of pollution.  Fortunately, I did not find any major sources of pollution or what could be supplying additional sediment to the sandbar; unfortunately, I could not find a cause of the deposition for us to implement strategies in order to stop from continuing.  But the trip was a good adventure and with a manual in hand, the Unified Subwatershed and Site Reconnaissance: A User’s Manual, I was able to gather data that can be analyzed further.  

A storm drain with some blockage from natural matter.

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